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Baglio di Pianetto


Baglio di Pianetto


Baglio di Pianetto represents a dream come true, achieved when Conte Paolo Marzotto, in 1997, founded a winery in a corner of earth that he deeply loved. Conte Paolo combined his deep familiarity with the resources that have long made Sicily synonymous with high-quality viticulture with a connoisseur’s knowledge of the savoir faire of France’s great chateaux, to produce wines that showcased the unique character of the terroir of the Pianetto estate. Then, in 1998, with his purchase of the Baroni estate, lying between the towns of Noto and Pachino, he launched a project that would fully demonstrate the potential of the Sicilian grape variety most representative of that area, Nero d’Avola.

Baglio di Pianetto’s two wine estates lie in opposite corners of Sicily, and are diametrical opposites in terms of elevation and terroir. But they each embody the winery’s philosophy of dedication to exalting terroir, of adopting viticultural practices precisely tailored to that diversity, of preserving natural resources, and of reducing to a minimum winemaking’s negative impacts on the environment.



Attention paid to the environment and to future generations has been, for more than 20 years now, the core philosophy of Baglio di Pianetto. With values ranging along an arc from social sustainability to agricultural and ecological sustainability, the winery carries out its work every day in the fullest respect for nature, its local terroir, and for those who live there.


On each estate, Baglio di Pianetto selects only those cultivars capable of expressing to the highest degree their own varietal qualities as well as those of the terroir in which they grow. This process of research and avantgarde technology goes hand in hand with our local tradition, which has always been guided by the belief that a wine grows and develops in the vineyard, not in the cellar.


All Baglio di Pianetto wines are the fruit of a determination to achieve the quality, elegance, and refinement that are the hallmarks of truly great wines. The results are red, white, and rosé wines of superb balance, distinctiveness, and longevity.

The world of wine is formed by seasons, situations and conditions that are never the same. No amount of experience is ever enough. The important thing is to search, to attempt with determination, humility and a little patience.


Organic viticulture for all products.

Respect for the environment, is expressed by the adoption of practices that respect, at each and every production step, natural resources and limit utilisation of mechanical equipment.

Conservation and protection of water resources through
rainwater harvesting in a reservoir built in a valley on the Pianetto estate, which allows the water to be re-used for emergency irrigation in the vineyards. The water from the reservoir is also made available to Civil Protection for fighting forest fires. 

Reduction in CO2 production by 184,488kg/year, thanks to
low-emissions/high-efficiency production methods.

Energy efficiency and autonomy through the use of renewable
resources: a third-generation 256.6 KWH solar panel installation that significantly offsets the use and emission of CO 2 and assures us energy independence of 70%.

A vertical-process winemaking facility on the Pianetto estate whose gravity-fall architecture limits mechanical handling of the grapes and utilises exothermic to naturally regulate conditions in the cellar and underground barrel cellar.

Respect for raw materials is achieved by utilisation of gravity fall grape transferral, which limits the use of electric pumps and maximises respect for the soundness of the grapes. for all products.



Boasting a diversity of terroirs ranging from the hills above Palermo to the heart of the Val di Noto to the slopes of Europe’s largest volcano, Baglio di Pianetto displays, through its 100% organic wines, three different and distinctive souls of Sicilian viticulture.


The Pianetto wine estate, in the province of Palermo, lies in the hills at 650 metres a.s.l., and is a true kaleidoscope of individual climates, due to differences in aspect, elevation, day-night temperature differentials, and ventilation, complexes of conditions that combine to create unique interactions between grape varieties and terroirs that are in turn on display in each of our wines, in terms of their crispness, complexity, elegance, and cellarability.


On Sicily’s south-eastern coast, between the cities of Noto and Pachino, lies Baglio di Pianetto’s second wine estate, at 50 metres a.s.l., in a growing area long famed for producing quality Nero d’Avola. The nearness of the coast, mild weather, and caressing sea breezes throughout the year combine to give the vines consistent, regular development, while the limestone soils give their wines notable minerality and tangy flavours.


Mt. Etna, with soils rich in volcanic ash and organic substances, yields unique, terroir-dominant wines. Because of its significant elevation, daynight temperature ranges, and superb aspect, the north slope of Etna, where Baglio di Pianetto selected vineyards belonging to a partner wine producer, display all the conditions for producing firm-structured, aromatic wines with significant cellarability.

Baglio di Pianetto


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