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Cantine Gattavecchi


Cantine Gattavecchi


Producing wine in Montepulciano is not like producing wine just anywhere. Here, history, art and culture profoundly influence every moment of our work, and every sip of our wine recalls the values that have made this region famous over the centuries. Our family has cultivated these values for generations – tending to every vine so that each bunch of grapes matures perfectly, listening to each litre of wine as it rests in the deep silence of our historic cellars, and uncorking a new vintage in the company of friends from all parts of the world. But those values we hold most dear find their expression in our respect for the land and the environment, without which we could not accomplish our work. We protect our values with the steadfastness of those who cannot be swayed by the latest fad, for we are convinced that even the greatest tradition can be improved upon every day, through thinking with love and working with passion.


The Gattavecchi family has dedicated itself to wine productionfor over a hundred years.Each generation has made its contribution to Montepulciano’swine history in a spirit of innovation and respect for tradition and the land. By the 1950s, Valente Gattavecchi was already going beyond the borders of Italy to introduce the best selection of VinoNobile – refined in the ancient convent of Santa Maria dei Servi in Montepulciano. Today brothers Luca and Gionata, their sister Daniela, and their mother Gianna are personally involved not only in every phase of production and all aspects of running the winery but also in welcoming friends and wine lovers from all parts of the world to the historic Cantina in Montepulciano.


The core of the winery is located in the southern part ofMontepulciano, in the area of Argiano, while other, traditionalvineyards are located in Caggiole and Ascianello. Thecomposition of the soils, favourable exposure, and a specialmicroclimate, make these lands particularly suitable for wineproduction. Vinification takes place in the modern facility atPodere Banditella, which is almost entirely run on renewableenergy. Vino Nobile and other high-end wines are refined inthe historic cantinas of Montepulciano.

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