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Luciano Ercolino, a businessman from Irpinia region, has started his own career as self made man during 90’s, as one of the founder of Feudi di San Gregorio. After Luciano gave his personal contribution to let the Company reach relevant success, in Italy as well as abroad, he left to create an ambitious and innovative project, Vinosìa, where he brings with him the enthusiasm and the determination which distinguish him as a person and entrepreneur, and where he transfers the knowledge and the expertise acquired during Feudi di San Gregorio period, which was an amazing training experience.

Vinosìa is a completely new and personal project, which daring in innovation has kept anyway the best tradition and almost a crafted feel, that make Vinosìa one of the main players among the Campania’s producers panorama.

After few years spent in planning, Vinosìa officially born in 2004, completely devoted to express the excellence of two different areas, Irpinia in Campania and Salento in Apulia: two opposite areas, rough and hilly the first, lying on the sea the second, and both permeated by a thousand years old wine making tradition.


In not many years, Vinosìa, thanking the appreciation of the public for its wine, grow up, having today about 40 Ha of vineyards and a Winery placed in Paternopoli, in the heart of Taurasi DOCG
district, built in 2014 to incorporate the most advanced production technologies in terms of CO2 capture, recycling of waste materials, and energy conservation; the same extends to the farming practices. In total, these efforts help reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 60 tons per

In 2016 we have welcomed Mr Beppe Caviola, one of the most Italian skilful winemaker, bringing with him the experience of several years in creating wines in different Italian regions.


Our mission is to produce world-class wines that are intimately connected to the territory from which they originate using only traditional local grape varieties utilizing the most up-to-the-moment ideas and technologies to ensure minimal impact on the environment and working in the most sustainable way.



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