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Vite Colte


Vite Colte


Take one of Piedmont’s largest and most important vineyards. Select the most suitable soils. Identify the best exposure. Choose the wine growers whose work demonstrates their ability to cultivate continuous, passionate quality. Add the experience of a winery that has always valued tradition, research and total respect for the raw material and the diversity of grape varieties.

The ViteColte protocol has only one goal: to achieve an absolute and consistent quality standard as a result of agronomic decisions aimed at long-term, selective vineyard management aimed at perfectly ripe fruit.

Every winegrower follows the procedure, acting quickly in the vineyard and defining and monitoring the success of their job in collaboration with the company’s agronomists.


Vite Colte represents the peak of excellence for Terre da Vino winery in Barolo, where we have been producing Piedmontese wines of the highest quality for more than thirty years.

Today, after many successful quality projects in our vineyards – first and foremost was Barbera d’Asti Superiore “La Luna e I Falò” – we are proud to announce Vite Colte.

Vite Colte is the brand we have chosen for our Premium wines.

Vite Colte is the art of cultivating vines with Hands, Head, and Heart.


The grapes for Vite Colte wines are sourced from highly-selected, perfectly exposed and low-yield vineyards spread all over the best areas of piedmont, in the North-West of Italy.

The hands of our most experienced and skilled growers take care of our vineyards every day, from pruning to manual harvest.

A knowledge that comes from the dialogue between generations and different worlds: one is the traditional passion and experience, the other is continuous research and scientific knowledge.


Our 180 vine-growers and their families are our Hands, our Heads, and our Hearts.

They devote only a part of their property to Vite Colte project, in order to ensure the most assiduous care, constantly dialoguing with the agronomic technical assistance we provide.

They are real winemakers, and they put all their skills, their passion, their faces and names in our wines.

Their names are Giovanni, Evasio, Berta, Margherita, and many more…behind each Vite Colte label there are faces, lives, and stories we are proud to tell.


  • 180 associated vine-growers and their families
  • 100% estate grown grapes
  • 300 hectares / 740 acres of vineyards, a part in
    organic conversion, the reminder is ecofriendly
  • Only Premium Piedmontese fine wines
  • Only DOC and DOCG appellations
  • …and the typical passion of Piedmontese people
    for the accurate and meticulous work!



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